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Applying for Visa & international residency

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Visa yeksad consultation services applying for visa &international residency have a professional qualification degree that issued by association of career counselling and job placement offices of Iran, this association is sponsored by Iran chamber of commerce industries, mines and agriculture.

ویزا یکصد Visa yeksad Consultation service Applying for Visa & Int`l residency

It is essential that before doing any actions for sending and procuration of employment for immigration clients and Iranian Skilled workers to foreign countries, we must pay attention to prerequisite conditions.

Assessing conditions of getting visas, current immigration laws, life situation for immigrants, work potential in purpose country that all include to prerequisite obligation that lead to below operation:

  • Searching
  • Contacting by foreign persons to correct situation
  • Give consultant to immigration clients
  • Supporting and giving welfare services to clients at purpose country

Please note that, compliance of purpose country’s law is in the immigration acceptance category which must do by expertise’s who are confirmed by the government of that related country or be registered.

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